Do you know the unloading status of every truck at any time on any day at all your DCs?

DockLink® Does!
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Do you know if you're getting your fair share of the rebate money from the unloading of your inbound freight?

DockLink® Does!
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Do you know if you should pay that carrier’s detention claim?

DockLink® Does!
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It’s time to transform the inbound freight and Distribution Center’s receiving operations in your Distribution Center into a high value contributor to the bottom-line success of your business. Why? Because the success of your Distribution Center starts with the receiving docks. When inbound freight is received as efficiently and as effectively as possible, then everything upstream works better.

DockLink® is the solution that can make this transformation happen.

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Our Benefits


As a "cloud" solution, DockLink® seamlessly integrates with your WMS and ERP systems, and DC RF and truck ELD devices, while automating your receiving operations in just 2 months.


More than 100 Distribution Centers run DockLink®, accounting for more than 10,000 truck unloading operations every day.


DockLink® is proven to increase receiving productivity by 30%, while reducing labor costs up to 40%, to directly impact a company’s bottom-line.

About Us

Inbound Technologies is committed to helping our customers transforming their inbound freight and receiving operations into a high value contributor to the bottom-line success of their businesses.

Building on 20 years delivering innovative large supply chain software solutions and our experience as freight handlers, our DockLink® solution does this by automating and integrating your inbound freight and receiving operations with industry best practices and your critical business processes. The result is a 30+% increase in inbound freight and receiving operations productivity, the capture of millions of dollars of lost revenue, more profitable inbound freight and everything upstream from the Distribution Center working better.

DockLink® can benefit industries including:

  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Grocery Distribution
  • 3rd Party Labor Providers
  • Pharma / Medical Supply Distributors
  • 3PL Warehouse Operators