As a "cloud" solution, DockLink® seamlessly integrates with your WMS and ERP systems, and DC RF and truck ELD devices, while automating your receiving operations in just 2 months.


More than 100 Distribution Centers run DockLink®, accounting for more than 10,000 truck unloading operations every day.


DockLink® is proven to increase receiving productivity by 30%, while reducing labor costs up to 40%, to directly impact a company’s bottom-line.

Competitive and regulatory pressures continuously push Logistic Professionals and Distribution Center executives to do more with their supply chains – while pushing down costs.

With 20+ years of experience in the freight handling business, and developing software to manage large supply chains, we’ve learned the best way to run your inbound logistics. It’s why we developed DockLink®, our proprietary ‘cloud-based’ software solution that integrates the inbound freight and receiving operations with industry best practices to streamline your receiving operations, and to generate higher levels of productivity.

With offices in Dallas, TX, Houston, TX and Monroe, LA, we are committed to helping our customers adding more productivity and efficiency to their supply chains, and to help them save money.