A large wholesale distributor with a dozen 1,000,000+ square foot Distribution Centers, each having 140 dock doors, was challenged to reduce operating costs. With DockLink®, the DC was able to reduce truck unloading times an average of 10 minutes / truck while increasing door turns. Across all its operations, this savings in time translated into more than $10 million in savings each year, and eliminated a costly capital expenditure to expand docking capacity.


In addition to the time gained unloading trucks, our grocery distributor customer found they could now complete five times as many inspections than before DockLink®. This helped our customer save inventory costs and improve the quality and sales of its perishables.



Retail Distribution can benefit from the improved efficiencies unloading trucks. However, they can also inspect shipments more closely for ‘best used by’ and ‘expiring by’ dates to ensure all products have shelf lives that deliver the highest customer satisfaction, and higher inventory turns.


Pharmaceutical / Medical Supply Distributors face the important job of keeping our medical institutions, healthcare providers and medical practitioners well-stocked, They also have to keep track of issues like proper storage and material handling practices, real-time tracking of products by effective date and lot/serial number control across the supply chain, and more. DockLink® fills a critical area of the supply
chain with functionality that addresses these issues to help save time and money.


Similar to Whole Distribution, DockLink® can help 3PL Warehouse Operators reduce truck unloading times and increase door turns, helping them to increase dock and employee utilization and to save money.