Inbound Technologies, LLC was born out of an ‘in-house’ development need for our 3PL unloading team(s).  As we grew, so did the need for improved technology.  Our competitors in the 3PL managed labor market quickly took notice of our always improving software and asked if we would ever be interested in selling our technology.  The answer was yes! 

For over 10+ years, Inbound Technologies, LLC has been developing and selling our SaaS for the Grocery and Food Service Distribution Centers, Big Box retail warehouses & distributors, 3PL’s, Pharmaceutical, Wholesale, Import Centers, Cross-Dock Operations, Fulfillment Centers, Manufacturing Centers and even Cannabis operations.  This complex grouping of participants within the supply chain have all contributed to the development and expansion of our DockLink Receiving Management System (& SmartTote).

The DockLink® Receiving Management System is our proprietary ‘cloud-based’ software solution that integrates the inbound freight and receiving operations with industry best practices to streamline any operation.  Our primary goal is to generate higher levels of performance in key categories (Safety, Productivity, Quality, Vendor Relationships, Manpower Planning & Financial Performance).  However, we have never stopped developing, expanding or integrating new features.  Our customizable DockLink Receiving Management System boasts an intuitive Dock Scheduling Program, Vendor-Relationship Expense Accounting Ledger (think Blockchain light), Labor Management Modules for both teams & individuals and is Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) approved.

We are equipped to handle any size account with robust support operating out of offices in Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Bend, OR; and Monroe, LA.  We own & operate a Research & Design Manufacturing Facility along with two data storage locations.


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Inbound Technologies® leadership has extensive experience, knowledge and know-how to keep your business running smoothly and always improving!

Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson is an entrepreneur with decades of experience in growing and developing companies that serve the tech industries. Under Todd's co-leadership with Chris, Inbound Technologies® is a robust company that brings many innovation solutions to the logistics, inventory accounting, and shipping industry.

Chris Turner

Chris Turner is the creative genius behind Inbound Technologies software and logistics tracking solutions. He has decades of experience in software development, IT, and understanding company needs when accounting for inventory..

Scott Orman

VIce President
Scott Orman has over 25 years of Logistics & Supply Chain experience with the United States Army, Fortune 20 big box retailer, Co-op Wholesale Distribution and 3PL Warehousing.


As a “cloud” solution, DockLink® seamlessly integrates with your WMS and ERP systems, and DC RF and truck ELD devices, while automating your receiving operations in just 2 months.


More than 100 Distribution Centers run DockLink®, accounting for more than 10,000 truck unloading operations every single day.


DockLink® is proven to increase receiving productivity by 30%, while reducing labor costs up to 40%, to directly impact a company’s bottom-line.