DockLink Scheduling

DockLink’s Receiving Management System begins with our intuitive Dock Scheduling feature.  our cloud-based SaaS application tracks all aspects of every load in real-time.  This includes vendors, carriers/trucks, people, product, exceptions of all kinds (OS&D+) and time-stamps of work-in-progress from the time an appointment is made until it is completed.  

Vendor Management

DockLink improves the relationship between vendor and buyer through our ‘REAL’ feature (Relationship Expense Accounting Ledger).

Vendor agreements are plugged into the system as parameters.  Exceptions, i.e. late loads, rescheduled appointments, overages, shortages & damaged product are reported in real-time and reconciled either automatically or through a simple click verification process.

No more waiting for accounts receivable and payable to provide supporting documentation already delivered to required parties.   Cash transfer is immediate or deferred to an agreed upon day/date.

Carrier Management

Carriers have repeatedly stated that DockLink is the most user-friendly Dock Scheduling application they have ever used.  “MAGIC!” exclaimed JB Hunt. 

The speed and accuracy of scheduling an appointment is intuitive.  Example, when making an appointment, Carriers type in a PO and DockLink finds associated PO’s and populates them within the system for simple verification and confirmation; offering options and doors for delivery.

Touchless delivery allows Carriers to back into a door and watch the progress of their delivery via web browser while obtaining automatic emails, text messages and dashboard reporting.

Real-Time Dock Status And Management

Receiving Schedule Coordinators, Dock Managers, Receiving Teams, Merchandising Buyers, Vendors and Carriers are privy to all planned work & work-in-progress in real time.  This includes the truck as it is being worked.

Coordinators use DockLink to track everything; reducing their jobs to physical verification.  Dock Managers are able to more accurately staff to meet all vendor agreements.  Receiving teams enjoy the Labor Management Reporting and incentives option.  Merchandisers LOVE the real-time exceptions, dock status reporting and the Relationship Expense Accounting Ledger (REAL).

DockLink also has the ability to verify any on-dock transactions paid by cash, com check, or other.


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DockLink continuously collects data specific to user defined parameters in real-time; instantly beginning the time-stamp process to record & report when an appointment is being planned/scheduled; altered/verified/confirmed; arrived; work-in-progress; exceptions; all individuals associated with the planning, transportation, physical unload and completion are captured in an audit trail.  WOW!

Data is reported via text, email and/or user determined dashboards that display history, trends and financial impact comparative to aggregate data and/or similar accounts.   

3PL & Labor Management data highlights both operational efficiencies and inefficiencies; driving vendor agreements, reducing exceptions and planning for future operational and financial success.

Customized Solutions

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Inbound Technologies handles client requests for customization much differently than other companies.  You see, we are so confident that our Receiving Management System is the best ‘out-of-box’ solution that if a client or potential client has a feature that currently is not available with DockLink, we’ll work hard to add it.  Additionally, when we add a feature for one client – we provide the update option to all other clients.  We do not have a standard cost for customization but view each request as an opportunity to advance our software solution as a WIN-WIN.


Retail Distributors benefit from a customizable scheduling application; OS&D reconciliation; Vendor Compliance Management; Quality Control reconciliation; Truck Turn management; Paperless Delivery & Receipt; and the new Relationship Expense Accounting Ledger (REAL)!

Big Box, Cross-Dock, Import Centers, Regional DC’s, Fast DC’s, Fulfillment Centers and more.

Wholesale Distributors with 10+ facilities and over 140 dock doors improved efficiencies so drastically that our software is being referred to as a revenue generator!

When a system is designed to optimize what works well and what needs attention, clients can quickly adjust to drive performance and profit margins; while lowering or eliminating operating expenses.

Imagine having a real-time accounting ledger and paperless schedule and receipt.

Grocery Distributors wanted a customized solution that not only improved their dock management, but also their 3PL contracts with Unloading Services.

We have helped Grocery Distributors with multiple unloading services bring all their data and accounting onto one easy to use platform; improving speed of operations and accuracy in reporting.

DockLink also helps our clients determine if “in-sourcing” the Unloading Service job function is right for them.

3PL Warehousing & Distribution companies have benefitted from DockLink’s Receiving Management System’s fast & easy training, implementation program and customization.

3PL’s work with companies that have both short & long term contracts.  Implementing a SaaS receiving management system is cost effective and training can be on site, remotely via web browser or a combination of the two.  

Most 3PL’s need customization.  When a request comes in – we can generally accomplish requests in a timely fashion.

We also service unloading service companies.

Pharmaceutical / Medical Supply Distributors must keep our medical institutions, healthcare providers and medical practitioners well-stocked.  They also have to keep track of issues like proper storage and material handling practices, real-time tracking of products by effective date and lot/serial number control across the supply chain.

We are Drug Supply Chain Securities Act (DSCSA) compliant with our Smart Tote application and have the ability to geofence routes and protect toted product with temperature control devices and tamper-resistant technology.

The Cannabis Manufacturing, Distribution and Tax Payment delivery business is highly regulated with participating states.  

Clients like the Receiving Management system but have largely looked to our SmartTote integration to safely trace & track their product from manufacturer to distributor; distributor to retailer; and in all cases – vendor to state tax collector.  Our system helps clients visually watch their shipped product via web browser until it arrives at it’s predetermined location.