SmartTote® Helps You Know Where Your Inventory Is

Our patent pending SmartTote was created to track the safe & secure delivery of high-dollar pharmaceutical product using a combination of GPS; Geocaching; Geofencing; Temperature control & monitoring devices; and tamper resistance technology.

You can physically watch your product travel from one destination to the next from any web browser simply by logging into the SmartTote portal and selecting a tote ID, route #, product type, ending destination or other identifier determined by the user.  Watching your SmartTote travel looks a lot like driving with a GPS navigator.

Exception reporting can save a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss/theft prevention and management hours researching & reconciling activity, actions & results.  Our exception reporting does not rely on people, it relies on processes/actions, location, temperature and timing parameters predetermined by the user.  If a SmartTote is tampered with, it is auto-reported to all parties involved immediately.


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