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InBound Technologies offers in-house application development / modifications and implementation services to support our clients’ unique IT needs; helping them to quickly take advantage of our software & hardware’s functionality.  Customization is not expensive.  Contact us for more information.  

Why choose Inbound Technologies solutions?

Simply put, the DockLink Receiving Management System generates a quantifiable ROI while either reducing or eliminating operating expenses… revenue generation?  Yes.

DockLink integration with WMS, ERP, RF systems and Carrier Logging Devices (ELD) ensures all bases are securely covered in real time reporting.

As a cloud solution, our service professionals can  implement and train your team virtually and quickly.

How do we support systems?

Our development team is built with exceptional collaborators.  We often find ourselves tailoring enhancements or modifications to our DockLink Receiving Management System at the request of our clients.  Examples include but are not limited to:


Creating or downloading schedules

Tracking high demand staffing management

Delivering detailed comparative KPI analysis

Driving Vendor Compliance agreements

Reconciling OS&D in real-time

Developing a ‘Blockchain-Like’ Ledger

Forecasting Profit & Loss


Is DockLink customizable?

Absolutely!  If our system doesn’t have a needed feature, we’ll work hard to add it.

Once we add a new feature, we provide updates to our existing clients.

What is a RMS?

RMS stands for Receiving Management System.  DockLink manages every aspect of the Inbound process; from scheduling to labor management to expense tracking/reporting to Vendor Management Agreement enforcement.

Can we try a demo?

YES!  To ensure that we maximize our time together, let’s talk about your wants & needs while finding a time that works for you.  A full demo on key components of our DockLink Receiving Management System’s key components; how DockLink®, Data Telematics®, SmartTote and our REAL (Relationship Expense Accounting Ledger) work independent of each other or fully integrated.


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We want to keep you updated on new developments, new products, and key features of our software technologies, as well as let you know when we’ll be at trade shows for demos! Check back often for new developments and UPDATES!

Reverse Logistics

Exceptions Processing

Temperature Monitoring

Trend Analysis

Paperless Delivery

Temperature Control

Security Devices

Unloading Service RFP's

Temperature Reporting

Speed to accounts receivable & accounts payable

Relationship Expense Accounting Ledger (REAL) affords users a vast amount of options in terms of managing how money is exchanged for services, goods, and/or vendor compliance agreements. 

Vendor Compliance agreement parameters are entered, tracked via timestamp and measured for success in real-time!  The amount of time & money saved quantifiably improves financial performance while minimizing OS&D.

Lastly, we are offering a NO COST – 30 DAY COMPARISON TEST PROGRAM so that interested companies can compare the value and benefits of DockLink REAL to their existing platform(s).