DOCKLINK Functionality for Businesses

DockLink®  automates inbound freight and receiving processes in real-time with industry best functionality and practices; integrating with essential upstream Distribution Center and business operations and processes.


DockLink monitors and manages gates, the dock area and the entire unloading progress of every truck in real-time; giving a user a visual of work in progress, work completed and work anticipated.

DockLink dynamically assigns and reassigns inbound loads, people and equipment resources, as needed based on user established parameters.

DockLink calculates expected unloading time and work requirements for the load based on the PO; providing operators valuable workforce planning tools.

DockLink maintains a vendor and carrier delivery history to evaluate delivery performance and/or Vendor Compliance agreements; often improving relationships and financial performance.

DockLink tracks truck’s movement and unloading activities with time stamps; from point of arrival at gate until departure; with electronic notifications provided to the driver.

DockLink’s dispute resolution capabilities extend beyond OS&D, late fee penalty disputes and carrier detention fee claims.  Vendor compliance reporting ensures agreements are enforced without damaging relationships.


The DockLink Receiving Management System triggers real-time inspections of every load; including but not limited to OS&D (overages, shortages & damage).  With DockLink REAL, ledgers for key clients to improve operational excellence; decrease exceptions; improve relationships and speed the Accounts Receivable and Payable process. 

DockLink Integrates with carrier ELT’s to capture trailer data immediately; notifying buyers, vendors and carriers of problems; including but not limited to early, late, damaged and/or rejected loads; providing supporting documentation with attachments via text messages, emails and/or dashboard reporting.

Our Receiving Management System triggers action to dispose of loads with exceptions so that every step within the receiving process is done via corporate best practices.

DockLink continually reviews and reports on both supplier and carrier scorecards in real time.


DockLink’s newest feature is REAL (Relationship Expense Accounting Ledger).  A ledger-based platform providing trading partners real-time, end-to-end visibility and accounting for each shipment as it moves through the supply chain.

Contract parameters are set in the system and parters are alerted instantly if they have breached the parameters of the smart contract.  Notifications can include predetermined penalties for accessorial items (rescheduling, late appt, pallet restock fee’s, detention) as well as other expenses (unloading fees, short-shipped or rejected product).

Increased visibility and accountability are the tools to improve supply chain outcomes.  REAL achieves visibility through DockLink’s existing features and adds account slitty with a system of debits and credits.  Eat partner is notified in real-time allowing for resolution and agreement of charges related to the shipment.

Of course, we still calculate unloading fee’s and the DC’s % share of the fee based on P.O.

Processes the payment in real-time using direct bill, credit card, COMCHEK, COMDATA, and others., doing away with cash or check passing on the dock and daily bank withdrawals and deposits.


Carriers & Vendors can schedule dock appointments over the web and monitor in REAL TIME. The system pre-populates and validates an appointment with order and shipment details.

Audit Trails of all appointment changes & communication is easily accessed by carriers & vendors and simplifies & speeds dispute resolution.

Carriers, Vendors & Warehouse Staff are sent email notifications at different milestones during the appointment booking process.  These notifications, which include a link back to the online entry, ensures all relevant parties are informed whenever there is an exception to the planned delivery.

Seamless Integration with TMS, WMS.  Features for reoccurring appointments, compliance tracking, and all labor management functions (consolidates supplier, trucking and actual DC schedules versus delivery accuracy and timing.


Tailorable dashboards and reports with performance-based KPI’s and historical analysis of gate, dock and unloading operations is just the start.

Real-Time interactive Dock Progress interface allows vendors, drivers and operators to see progress and exceptions as they occur.  

Customization of Dashboards is fast & easy.  Drop down menu’s allow users to quickly navigate to the information they need most.


The DockLink Receiving Management System offers hybrid individual and team compensation options. 

Calculates pay incentives for individuals or team based on performance factors including but not limited to:

– Difficulty of the load

– Unloading time

– By load, by job or by piece

Visibility • Accountability • Productivity

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In Logistics, the teams that can move product safely from one location to the next, with the least amount of travel and fewest touches wins the day.  With a real-time receiving management system that monitors plans versus actual events, users can adjust quickly to meet performance goals.  

The efficiencies and effectiveness of your inbound freight and receiving operations are visible at all times from any web browser.  DockLink® establishes new levels of accountability & reporting that drive performance management, productivity and continuous improvement initiatives like vendor compliance initiatives; reduction of damage, overages and shortages; and reverse logistics. 

How it Works

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The DockLink® Receiving Management System was designed to intuitively drive the performance management of your Distribution Center.  In addition to capturing every load detail & individual associated with a delivery, the real-time visibility and reporting capabilities monetize processes so you can either improve operations to save payroll dollars or streamline delivery to downstream customers.  In short, working smarter is working better.


DockLink monitors, measures & reports on the productivity performance & financial impact of both individuals & teams.


DockLink operates within user defined parameters; instantly reporting on exceptions with alerts, text messages or emails.

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